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  "Receive your Special bonus Polish Cloth Valued @ $3.95 as our free gift to you when you invest in two or more units"


Stagehand Original Guitar and 4 String Bass. US Dollars

Stagehand 5 String Bass. US Dollars

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Because we've had orders from all over the planet, we decided to make it just that little bit easier. 

You now have the option to use, Euros and GB Pounds, just click on the buttons below, "it's that easy." The prices are comparable to recent exchange rates, so it's a good deal, and you have the convenience of no exchange rate fees on your credit card. How cool is that!  

Stagehand Original Guitar and 4 String Bass. 19.97 EURO's 

Stagehand 5 String Bass. 19.97 EURO's

Stagehand Original Guitar and 4 String Bass. £16.77 Pounds Sterling

 Stagehand 5 String Bass. £16.77 Pounds Sterling

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