Guitar stands? Forget the old style guitar stand try this guitar stand, guitar holder.


Are you tired of having your Guitar knocked over and Damaged?

  Forget traditional guitar stands...

    "Imagine Your Guitar Safe and Secure when not in your hands"

Here's The ONLY guitar stand that's...


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·      Safe, Stable, and will NEVER fall over

·         Easy to use, secure, and provides Peace of mind!

·       The only soft guitar stand that fits in the palm of your hand  

·      Instantly make life easier

From: Dean WorkmanGuitar Player Archive

Dear Friend,

Isn’t it about time to get what we really want?

I’ve had enough of carting around the clumsy pieces of bent tubing traditionally known as a guitar stand. When you get down to it,….where the rubber meets the road, the old guitar stands are flimsy, they’re a pain and they're just not safe!

Know what I mean?

Besides, how many times have you forgotten to take them to a gig? If you are like me, there is enough gear to lug around. Yes, maybe some of them did provide a service for a while. But my expensive instruments have the battle scares to prove that conventional guitar stands do not save our instruments from falling.

Until now there was no alternative guitar stand!


"Here's a guitar stand that does what we need”. As a musician, Dean Workman has been working ‘in the trenches’ for years. Stagehand® was developed out of a desperate need to look after expensive guitars while not being played. “There had to be a better way!  I’ve lost a few instruments while they were on the traditional guitar stand. One was knocked over by a member of another band while doing a change over, and another in my home by my two year old daughter. The second cracked the fretboard right off the neck, OUCH!! Stagehand® is here to solve a real problem and put cash in your pocket by saving you the heartache of repairing a loved one!" 

Josh Wren, 
Australian Sound and Multimedia


Hey, Check this out!

Here’s what this really “Cool Guitar Stand”

Looks like!




And here's how easy it is to use!  




Each Stagehand® has been specifically handcrafted and shaped from a special type of inert rubber compound, so it won’t interact with the finish on your guitar. You wouldn’t believe how much research has gone into finding just the right substance that will never damage your instruments finish. (No leaching toxic stuff into the guitar’s paintwork from any of our guitar stands that’s for sure!) Included in the pack are not just one but two special self adhesive Velcro® mounting pads.

That's right, No Drilling holes or complicated fixings, simply position the mounting pad where you want it. If you have a carpet coated cab it's even easier, just stick your stagehand in place.

What if I play a 5 string Bass? Guess what! Stagehand has a "five string bass" model designed especially for you. Each guitar holder also has a pick holder slot

We’ve spent a fortune perfecting the patented design and concept. (I almost had to hock my gear to pay for it).


“It Literally fits inside my guitar case! Realizing that I would get a guitar stand that fits inside my case I got a few. One for each of my instruments”. 

“One Saturday I played a gig and during the break they had one of those bikini girl talent quests. Yeah right! Normally with all those high heeled girls clomping around on stage I would have been freaking about my Tele®. Instead I felt so good to just relax and enjoy the show.  One of the girls even tripped on my guitar lead. My heart jumped for a moment because on a normal stand ‘she’ would have been a goner. Not so with my Stagehand®. It just turned a bit in the socket but remained right where I left it.”


“I look back now and I’m glad I didn’t think twice about buying a Stagehand®. If I had of procrastinated I would be Tele-less right now. And the bikini girl??? I won’t go there!”

“It is just so -- incredibly user-friendly --. It has obviously been designed specifically for the serious working Musician.” 

Hugo Jorgensen, Spoken Plan B,


This is the ‘cool guitar stand’ you've been looking for, for saving money without spending much money to do it!

Here's what you get...

 A "soft, simple, SAFE" way to rest your Instrument while you take a rest between sets. It’s not just about taking a break it’s about peace of mind!

  The Only soft guitar stand that fits in the palm of your hand!

 Never forget your guitar stand again!  How could you? It lives in your case with the guitar.

 The low-cost method to protect your business - and your income. Let’s face it; it can be hard enough to make a buck doing what you love, ‘playing music’, who needs the hassle of being without your guitar if it gets damaged?

 NO MORE HASSLES with carting around the bits of tubing associated with the old fashion guitar stands. Doesn’t that instantly make life easier!

 How many times have you had to leave your guitar leaning precariously against your amp? Did you forget your old stand? Or perhaps you chose not to take it because it’s just one extra inconvenience. This will never happen again!

 "PEACE OF MIND The soft molded construction will not mar your guitars finish. It protects it from nicks and scratches. Where can you get this sort of added stability and security? It stows easily in your guitar case and is good for basses and electric guitars. It easily withstands the rigors of road travel and every day home and studio use. There’s no set up and it requires no additional stage or floor space.

 The question you should ask yourself is. “Can I afford not to have a Stagehand®?”

 What you get is a neat little patent pending product that is worth 1,000 times its weight in gold!


The "Magic" thing is this! "Stagehand"® weighs next to nothing, costs next to nothing; fits in your guitar case and the benefits are PRICELESS!

Yes! I want a safe guitar stand now!


Here’s a few more emails we have received:

  • “I had a ‘drunken punter’ stumble around on stage while the band was on a break. Thanks to Stagehand® my new Strat® was exactly where I left it. I shudder to think what would have happened to it had I not upgraded to a Stagehand®. It saved me $1500 cash within a week”.  
    Holly Allen, ‘Venus

  • “This year, I'm playing in two cover bands. I have a tight schedule and trust me, the less gear I have to carry the better. Thanks for Stagehand® guys. It has made life on the run just that much easier. My axes (after taking every conceivable precaution) still used to get knocked around. NOT ANY MORE!” Dave Haynes, Empire, The Realm

  • “I was recently on the ticket to perform at the centre stage for a three day rock festival in Brisbane Australia . All the backline gear was supplied but no guitar stand. I still didn’t worry about a thing, I just found a spot to stick one of the spare Velcro pads and I was ready to rock. I could have sold my Stagehand® to that many other guys it’s not funny. So I did! Good thing I had a spare in my other guitar case. I’m not crazy enough to be without one!” Simon, Serotonin (p.s. thanks for getting another Stagehand® to me so quickly).

  • “As the Music director of a church, I’m quite fussy about keeping the stage area neat and tidy. We have 3 Stagehand® units for our guitarists and the bass player has one on his amp. They’re brilliant and have also solved the floor space problem”. Kev Tilley CCC Currumbin

We've probably given people a real chance to take care of a nagging problem by supplying something they can use right away, that actually works.


You've seen continual testimonies where Stagehand®  users refuse to spend another dime on anything else!



The Secret is out!

Are you ready to be the first of your friends to have "Stagehand"® peace of mind?



OK. what's next?

That's Easy, Make the “Investment" Today in the guitar stand that gives you peace of mind.

Let's summarize. You get Stagehand®, a proven patented innovation... no more hassles carting around extra gear... a soft lightweight guitar stand that fits in the palm of your hand... and, the butt-kicking fact that your guitar is safe when out of your hands.

How Much for my new "Stagehand"®?


You'd expect a cool guitar stand like this to cost big bucks. I have paid tens of thousands of dollars and put in at least as many hours experimenting, refining and perfecting what you will receive in this offer.

So you will be shocked when you realize you can have everything I've just described for only $26.97 USD + shipping.


That's right! Less than a measly 27 bucks!


You may immediately ask, "If it's so good - why is it so cheap?"

A couple reasons, actually.

After doing some recent research on forums all over the planet... It seams that the price was an obstacle to some people... Yes I did market and successfully sell them for $24.97 USD until recently... It appeared unanimous that everyone really likes the stand but thought it a bit pricey... Well,,, not any more...

Because you deserve a better deal. We know that thousands upon thousands of people are hungry for this product and... we want to put it within reach of EVERYONE who NEEDS IT!

We could charge a lot more for Stagehand®- in fact, many of our Music Store friends are horrified at this low price and insisted (very vigorously) that we raise it - we don't know how long we can keep it this low - but we've made a decision:

Hey, we are musicians too, and we know how tough it can get. You deserve a good deal. It's time for sincere, hard-working people (like you) to get a break. We have priced it around the cost of a couple of packs of strings. We want to do our part to make sure there's nothing standing in your way... not even the small price of a Stagehand®.


Ok, Ok, I know this sounds like one of those pathetic late night infomercials but,, Yes, there’s MORE!”

Most of us have more than one guitar, right?  I want to make you an offer that you can’t refuse.

Just order 2 or more Stagehands® within the next 24 hours we will give you a Free Polishing Cloth valued @ $3.95. Yes that’s right; place your order within the next 24 hours, pay for one and then when you buy the second you get a handy polishing cloth that fits right there in your stagehand unit. We all know how handy it is to have something neat to wipe your strings and instrument. In fact we will even extend this unbelievable deal to include as many as you want. Yes, you can get as many stagehands as you want and with each unit you will get an excellent polish cloth absolutely free. Actually you’d be crazier than us to miss out on this. Come on, you know you’ll want another one won’t you.

To put the icing on the cake, we're also giving you this iron-clad, no-nonsense guarantee:  

Get your "Stagehand®" right now and try it out.  See if this isn't the most valuable, practical, easy-to-use guitar stand on the planet... no matter what type of band you are in. If it isn't, let us know, ship it back, and we'll refund your money. All of it. For up to 60 days. It's that simple.

So really... you have nothing to lose and a whole list of reasons to gain!

Go ahead and order now... and welcome to the peace of mind of Stagehand®.



You can now CHOOSE to Purchase Online with a Credit Card by Secure Server in US Dollars, EURO's or Pounds Sterling.


To Your Success,

Dean Workman

P.S. When I first started, I busted my butt trying to make a great guitar stand and got very little reward for my effort. I spun my wheels and felt nothing but discouragement... in fact, looking back; I'm surprised I stuck with it.

The early days did not look very promising.

Then things got better. I started making cool prototypes and using them at gigs. They worked and not only did they work, everyone who saw me using them wanted one.

Stagehand® works. We've hit some rough patches of road along the way and we probably will again with other products we have on the drawing board, but we've learned what works and here's your chance to find out for about what most people pay for a couple of packs of strings, a few beers at a night club or a hard-cover book.

Ready for a change?

Ready to try and love a new product that’s really different?

What's it going to be?

I think you know the answer... Yes! I want a safe guitar stand  now!


“Dean has done it again with his newest product innovation, Stagehand®. The first time I saw this guitar stand, I couldn’t believe something so simple could be so brilliant. I thought, Stagehand® is a Magic Idea and I couldn't wait to put it to use. As good as the product is, among other advantages, it fits in your guitar case. Excellent!! This sturdy and safe guitar stand will easily save lots of time and money and provide peace of mind”.

Gary Smith
Vice President “Custom Shop”


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Yes! I want a safe guitar stand  now!

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